About Us

Seeyon Animation is an end-to-end recruitment consulting services company based in Chennai, India. We help the local and global animation industry with supply of qualified and experienced personnel. Our affordable and quality driven animation recruitment and consulting services helps in realizing script to screen all production operations, successfully.

Seeyon Animation team has worked in top animation companies at all levels of animation. They are recognized for Recruitments, budgeting, Project management, vendor relations and other operations.

Having worked at all levels of the animation industry, Seeyon team understands the diverse expectations of each client's animation project, and offers bespoke and custom recruitment as per the animation project's expectations. Seeyon Animation's recruitment services help the animation industry to hire qualified and experienced Animation Directors/Supervisors, Animators (2D & 3D), Animators (Stop Motion), CG Modelers, Compositor and Digital Painter, Director/ Series Director, Editing Assistant, and Model Making Leads, etc.

Seeyon Animation helps the animation businesses, films and TV, Publishing, Games, Photo Imaging, Radio and VFX production companies to achieve high quality in pre-production and post-production operations. Significantly, our hiring and recruitment services help animation businesses to take up projects - animation, special effects, graphics, 2D & 3D animation, and live action.