Seeyon Animation is your complete recruitment and consulting partner. You may be running a small, medium or large animation company with pre-production and post-production facilities for 2D and 3D animation projects, we help you with hiring of quality and experienced personnel who are experts in Animation Direction, Creative Direction, Concept Art, Layout, Backgrounds, Traditional Animation, Web Development, Flash Animation, Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, 3D Animation, FX, Lighting/Rendering and Composting.

Seeyon Animation offers affordable, quick turn-around and value-driven animation recruitment services to local and global clients. Our two decades of experience in the production of production and management of national and international animation projects, helps clients to avail the best-in-the-class recruitment and consulting services. Our proven experience in handling client's animation projects definitely helps in sourcing the right staff as per the project expectations.

If your requirement is for quality and qualified creative personnel for your project, you can sure avail our affordable and competitive recruitment and consulting services.

2D Flash Animator

2D Flash Animator, should have a knowledge to animate the designs using the information provided in Story Board and Animatics. 2D Flash Animators must have a thorough understanding of Adobe Flash.

3D Generalist

Ability to perform all tasks from modeling/texturing to rigging, animating, rendering and compositing Ability to lead a small team of animators as needed Ability to manage multiple projects Ability to work with a variety of people within a fast paced office environment.

3D Modellers

3D modellers should have ability to build 3D characters/environments based on the concept art provided. They should know how to create the models’ surfaces or skins, to paint and wrap 2D textures on a digital frame, create character skeletons. 3D Modellers should have strong knowledge of Maya & 3DS Max.

3D Rigger

Must have good understanding of shapes, compositions, physical motion, weight and balance. Must be open to direction and able to embrace change. Should take on increasingly challenging rigs. Working under the guidance and direction of the Lead Rigging artist. Collaborate with other artists to create valid rigs/controls for the CG assets.